Do You Immunize?

If you are not up to date on your adult immunizations or think they are unnecessary please continue reading and do some research. Vaccinations are very important to your own health and the health of everyone you come into contact with. There are many immunizations that are seasonal or needed yearly. Many adults are affected by the flu for instance and that is a yearly vaccine, another good example is shingles. Shingles affects mainly older adults and it is a very painful illness. Yearly vaccinations are important to prevent shingles. There is also a Pneumonia vaccine that is important for older adults to receive, older than 65 and adults who are vulnerable to Pneumonia. Tdap, Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, or whooping cough is an important vaccine as well for those adults who have not previously received this vaccination.


New vaccinations are being developed all the time. Hepatitis B is a fairly new one that is important for adults with diabetes or who are at risk of Hepatitis B. HPV is also a fairly new vaccine that is really important for young adults to receive. Almost all young adults have HPV at some point in their lives, they usually do not have any symptoms but it can cause cancer.


I do believe that people should have the right to refuse vaccinations but I strongly prefer everyone is vaccinated. Vaccines are very important and there is a lot of misconception about the safety of vaccinations. There is heavy information out there supporting vaccinations yet we need more or another way to convey the importance. I personally feel it is irresponsible to not vaccinate yourself or your children and put others at risk when you become ill and spread illness and disease.


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