Summer is Well Underway

The Fourth of July, Independence Day, marks almost the middle of summer. There are approximately two months left of summer break for kids. It is time to make plans for any vacations and camps you want to get in before school is again in session. Hopefully the rain is going to let up in areas that have been having trouble with flooding and the rivers have crested.

What kinds of goals do you have left for yourself this summer? Do you want to work on your fitness? Maybe you have a class reunion coming up and would like to look your best. It is not too late. Just take things day by day and keep at it. Write your goals down, keep them reasonable, and put them in a prominent spot. My bedroom mirror or the refrigerator works well for me. That way I see them often and get that visible reminder to keep me in check.

A healthy lifestyle is not achieved in a short period of time, it is done day by day and knowing that if you slip you don’t give up, you just try again the next day.

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