The 30 Minute Workout

30 minute workout
Yesterday was the first day that I could feel Spring coming into Season. But, when living in MN mother nature always makes her presence known, and usually with vengeance  Last evening my area got hit with 4 inches of snow, and will be receiving 4-6 more inches throughout the day and night. Talk about a disappointment  Yesterday Teddy (my dog) and I went for a jog outside and could see the horizon of Summer. I usually really hate working out indoors but will have to suffice unless I want to run through a blizzard. ugh. If you live in MN you know what I”m talking about.

This 30 minute workout can be done in your home, or at the gym, and is really effective. I’m not the type of person that is on the tread or elliptical for an hour (it gets so boring) so I created this effective, short routine to do the trick. I feel really great after I”m done and wake up the next morning feeling a bit sore (which always makes me feel like I have actually accomplished something). Try this out tonight in your home, at the gym, or if your lucky to live in an area without snow, outside! Tone up your spring break body !


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